Thursday Thoughtfulness: June 8, 2017

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This Week’s Questions: Everyone has their own perceptions of beauty. Think of it as another way of saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” What do you think is beautiful or amazing that other people tend to overlook? Do you remember to look for beauty in unexpected places?

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14 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughtfulness: June 8, 2017

  1. I’ve actually come to change the way I look at other people’s writing. Since I read so many blogs now, I turn off my editor, which can really disrupt the enjoyment of a story when it’s on. I’ve come to love so many more pieces of writing through understanding how brave it is for a person to put their work out there and what a gift it is to allow others to read it for free has created the opportunity to find beauty in pieces I might have otherwise missed.
    And even when reading published work, I no longer have those thoughts of “How in the world did this person get published? This story is awful.” I tend to think “This piece doesn’t speak to me, but maybe it will speak to someone else.”
    Perhaps dedicating the time to the writing process makes me more aware of what a commitment that is, and thereby allows me to value the effort by others more.

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  2. This is quite relevant for me at the moment. Beauty is so subjective, in every aspect of life. I fjnd it so sad that beauty in people is such an important thing. I would love to live in a world where what’s inside is far more important and valued.

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  3. Aw I love this quote. Another thing is a lot of common weeds can actually be food or medicinal uses. Dandelion leaves can be eaten and the common ribwort plantain weed can be used to heal open wounds and stop insect bites from itching.

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    • ^^ Very true about the medicinal purposes of weeds and other wild plants or garden flowers. I don’t remember any specific examples from my herbal remedies encyclopedia, but many of them are more useful than we might think. 😉

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  4. As with many wonderful quotes, it is very simple and to the point. And very profound… I have spent a large chunk of my working life teaching and generally spending a lot of time in the company of children which I love. Not in a sentimental way – I love their directness, their fresh way of looking at the world – but if you feel they are somehow wanting in some way… if you don’t like a child – they know. And they pull themselves in – make themselves small and defensive. I learnt very quickly to be as open and non-judgemental as I could – otherwise I realised that I was hurting those I wanted to help, without even saying a word…

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  5. If we’re open to what we experience, we can find something that moves us in anything. Maybe not in a super-positive way, but always of use to us.

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    • ^^ Very true. Openmindedness, as well as a greater awareness of the world around us, can make us more receptive to just about anything, not just inspiration. Thanks for making that point, Jeffrey.


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