Weekly Writer Wisdom: May 9, 2017

(Look for this week’s #WeeklyWriterWisdom questions after the jump.)

This Week’s Questions: How do your characters show heart? Without spoiling your story, what does your characters do that drives them forward, helps them achieve their goals, and sets them apart from other characters? What kinds of risks do they take? If you’re not a writer but are an avid reader, what recent characters in books you’ve read demonstrate a passionate heart?

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17 thoughts on “Weekly Writer Wisdom: May 9, 2017

  1. Yay caught up! First, this quote gives me even more reason to finally read Allende! I have two or three of her books at home and haven’t gotten to them yet!
    On the topic, I like to believe that Keira (from Pirate Eyes) shows heart in her determination to protect that which she values most: her crewmates and her freedom. At the beginning she’s determined to prove herself and won’t let obstacles stand in her way. As much as she’s driven to pursue her aspirations, she’s also a compassionate character who takes care of others and isn’t ready to manipulate them or mistreat them just to get what she wants. When it comes down to it, she knows what matters most, what she’s ready to risk everything for. — got vague at the end for fear of spoilers.
    Great question to ponder 🙂

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    • I’ve been meaning to read Allende’s books as well. She just happens to have some incredible quotes about writing and stories. In fact, I was Googling a totally different quote of hers that I’d found in the book Why We Write, but chose this one instead.

      Love your answer to the question, btw. (And no worries about vagueness – I totally understand. *wink*) Keira definitely seems to possess a passionate heart. She know what she wants, but she also knows what’s important in life. And the fact that she lives on a moral code where she tries not to compromise either independence or compassion says a lot about her.

      Thanks for commenting, Faith! 🙂

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  2. Great question! I love characters with layers – an antagonist who could have just as easily been the the hero or a protagonist laden with flaws and unlikeable moments. I dabble in fiction, and getting to know the characters is my favorite part of the process.
    Great post!!
    I’ll be back to read more later.
    Thank you, Sara 😊

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    • Thank YOU for stopping by, Michelle! 🙂 And I love your answer. The more I read, and the more I’ve thought about what to do with my own stories, the more I’ve come to appreciate layered characters, including sympathetic antagonists. All characters should be treated as people, not just a typical hero or dark-lord figure.

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  3. Yes – I can relate to passionate characters. In my post-apocalyptic novel NETTED, I have a wife and mother who feels driven to turn her back on her husband when she feels it necessary to repair her relationship with her daughter – and an antogonist who feels entitled to snatch someone who he deems suitable to be his life companion because he is super-talented and famous. And a quiet, shy husband who refuses to back down or be daunted by the fact he is probably going to die – but goes looking for his kidnapped wife. All are driven by passions, for good or ill…

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  4. Aw I love this quote! 😀 I think this my favorite that you’ve posted so far! Bryce shows heart by his sacrifice, Mor with her loyalty, and Rouyn with his bravery. ^ ^


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    • You mean Allende. 😉 And so do I, in terms of catching up on her work. A couple people recently recommended her book “The House of the Spirits” to me, so I’m planning to rent it from the library soon. She was also interviewed for the book “Why We Write,” and the wisdom and experiences she shares in that book… I just love how she phrases her thoughts.

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  5. Interesting quote! In my contemporary fantasy set in Ireland, the main character is driven by desire to help avoiding another war: she remembers the atrocities too well, and she lost her sister and many friends during the fighting. She still blames the other side, doesn’t trust them a bit, but her determination to prevent the war will make her do many things, even cooperate with them.

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      • Thank you, Sara.
        The war happened only several years ago (can’t recall without checking the WIP), so the wounds are still fresh, and the situation is very volatile (both side entered the peace negotiations only because they had to, so any “excuse” and the war starts over again). And yes, my MC “fought” in the war (she was a scout and a messenger, but she did take part in skirmishes).

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