Thursday Thoughtfulness: March 16, 2017

(Look for this week’s #ThursdayThoughtfulness questions after the jump.)

This Week’s Questions: What was the most recent act of kindness that you performed for someone? How did it make you feel afterward? How did the other person respond? Also, what was the most recent act of kindness you received from someone else? How did it impact you in small or great ways?

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17 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughtfulness: March 16, 2017

  1. I’d like to think I do something kind every day. Yesterday I drove someone, whose car had broken down, home. And people were kind to me for my birthday yesterday – I got bday wishes, flowers and presents from people I’d never expect.

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  2. Recent kindness given: I mailed something for a coworker without being asked.
    Recent kindness received: A friend is booking hotel rooms for a conference for me, so I have more time to gather the money for my dues for the room. ^ ^

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  3. A beautiful sentiment. I love the idea of ripple effect (reminds me of the movie Pay it Forward). Every day there are such simple things that people do that I see as kind and it’s not small, it means something. It really doesn’t take much to show people you care ❤

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  4. I thought about it and… I don’t remember. Mostly, because I don’t register my own “acts of kindness”: when I have one, it’s not because I tried to do it for some “gain” (even the “feeling good about myself” gain) – they just happen.
    Last one to me? A friend, asked for a quick read of my text (just to check the consistency and readibility), did a full edit of it too.

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    • Same here. I don’t perform an act of kindness with the intention of getting something in return. In fact, I never do. I always do it simply because I want to, or because it’s the right thing to do. So I know what you mean there.

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