Weekly Writer Wisdom: February 28, 2017


(Look for this week’s #WeeklyWriterWisdom questions after the jump.)

This Week’s Questions: Do you have trouble finding inspiration for writing or other creative pursuits? If so, how do you create the time and space (both physical space and mental “headspace”) for such inspiration and for practicing your craft? On the contrary, does inspiration for stories, poems, etc. seem to hit you “out of the blue”?

(Many thanks to Elisabeth Kauffman / Writer’s Grimoire for letting me use this image.)

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20 thoughts on “Weekly Writer Wisdom: February 28, 2017

  1. A very good question, Sara. I find inspiration both ways, by actively seeking it, through reading, free-association and so on, or just out of the blue. I find walks useful for plotting and unsnarling snags. I have no shortage of ideas. Getting them down on paper and in order is the challenge. I can see the big picture but the devil is in the details.

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    • I love walks for the same reason! They’re a wonderful opportunity to get some fresh air and clear your mind, and then your subconscious kicks in. Whenever I go for walks, I always bring my cell phone so I can write text messages of ideas, changes / corrections, etc. for my work. (And for common sense / safety, too.) So I know what you mean about them being an “epiphany moment.”

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  2. Because I make money from writing I’m kinda wired to come up with creative ideas or I don’t get paid … XD Somehow my brain has become trained to be creative when I want it to.


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    • *lol* I don’t make money from mine yet, so I can understand why that would motivate you to come up with article ideas. Though my posts at DIY MFA and WHW are deadline-driven, so that’s similar… I was actually struggling with ideas for DIY MFA posts at one point last summer. But then I met up with Bess (the site’s web editor) while I was at Writer’s Digest Conference, and she was very encouraging and supportive, telling me that she had faith in me. And not only did I come away from that conversation feeling more confident about myself, but the ideas started flowing again.

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  3. Inspiration tends to hit me out of the blue, especially when I’m outdoors, or at a museum, or browsing artwork. Ever since I was a child I’ve been crafting stories, so my mind just works that way, coming up with things out of the blue. 🙂

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    • Isn’t it wonderful when your mind sparks new ideas like that? I’ve gotten new ideas for stories that way, too. Do you write down or make notes of those ideas so you can refer to them at a later time, when you’re ready to work on something new?

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      • I do. If I’m not by a computer, I text notes on a text app, and then later I create a document listing future potential stories, and add my new story idea to that list. This way I can slowly add ideas to many different stories and build on them whenever random inspiration hits.

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  4. I try to write pretty much every day whether I’m inspired to write or not, but coming up with new ideas takes something a bit more strategic. What I do is sit down for half an hour each week and play idea generation games (such as coming up with a title or first line, and writing down as many things as I can think of that the story might be about). I don’t tend to find new ideas when I’m not looking for them, but I’ve never done this without coming up with something that might be worth turning into a story.

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    • Absolutely. Idea generation games can be a good method if it works for you. Writing prompts could fall into that category, too. I tend to have trouble with either unless something about the game or prompt inspires me, but I know a number of writers swear by them. In the end, it all comes down to inspiration sources that work for each individual writer, and you know what works for you. 🙂

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  5. A very good question, indeed! I find that both can be true for me. Sometimes inspiration hits out of the blue, which makes me glad that I always have a notebook handy. But then there are times when I need to clear a space for myself, where I try to find someplace quiet with just my music and my work. Usually the creativity builds as I get into it.

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  6. I don’t know, if I have trouble. Whenever I need inspiration, I either read, play video games, go to sleep, or… take a shower (ok, I don’t take a shower when I need it, but I do think about ideas when I take one), and it somehow seems to work most of the times.

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  7. I feel like I’m always being hit with inspiration, but i think that’s partly because my mind has gotten into a habit of constantly asking what if?

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