New Post @ Writers Helping Writers on Editing with Text-to-Speech Software

Writers Helping Writers

I’m back at Writers Helping Writers this week with a new Resident Writing Coach post. This time, I talk about text-to-speech software, one of the newest tools in my editing “toolbox”. This standard function in most word processing programs and computer operating systems can read aloud pre-selected portions of text, including (ta-DA!) your manuscript. 😉 (Read more after the jump.)

So, how can you use text-to-speech software when editing your stories? What should you be careful of when using this function? And, which programs come equipped with TTS software? (Hint: You might already have one or more of them installed on your computer.) Learn more by reading “Using Text-to-Speech Software as an Editing Tool.”

Got any questions or suggestions for future Writers Helping Writer posts? Feel free to comment at WHW or here, or tweet me at @SaraL_Writer.

6 thoughts on “New Post @ Writers Helping Writers on Editing with Text-to-Speech Software

  1. Nice post. 🙂
    My text-to-speech software is kind of my husband. Whenever he edits my stuff, he reads it out loud. Whenever I want to share my story with him, I read it to him. Not very hi-tech, but seems to work. 😉

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