Joining Writers Helping Writers as a Resident Writing Coach!

Writers Helping Writers

NOTE: Due to the timing of this announcement, this week’s regular post will go live on Thursday, October 13th.

Remember my recent hints of a new “project”? Today I can finally share it: I’m joining Writers Helping Writers as a Resident Writing Coach! (Read more after the jump.)

Angela Ackerman Becca Puglisi

Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi of Writers Helping Writers

I’ve mentioned before that Writers Helping Writers is one of my favorite writing websites. It’s run by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi, the duo behind the Emotion Thesaurus, the Positive and Negative Trait Thesaurus collection, and the more recent Urban and Rural Settings Thesaurus collection. If you follow WHW or own any of these reference books, you know how unique and brilliant these ladies’ contributions have been to the writing community. In fact, Writer’s Digest named WHW one of 2016’s 101 Best Websites for Writers.

This fall, Angela and Becca are expanding WHW’s offerings by launching the Resident Writing Coach Program, where other writers will drop in quarterly to share their insights on the craft of writing. The Resident Writing Coaches features published and unpublished writers including Suzanne Lakin, Jami Gold, James Scott Bell, and Michael Hauge. I’m beyond honored that Angela and Becca invited me to be part of this amazing team, and I already know what my first two posts will be about. 😉

Click here to read Becca and Angela’s announcement about the Resident Writing Coach Program. My first post will go live in November. I hope you’ll follow along and become a fan of WHW if you haven’t yet!

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