Guest-Posting at Fantasy Cafe for Women In SF&F Month


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I’m honored that Kristen at Fantasy Cafe has invited me to take part in her annual Women In SF&F Month! Today I’m guest-posting about some of my favorite female characters in fantasy who don’t fall into the “strong female protagonist” stereotype. Because while I love reading about women who wield swords, cast spells, and fight alongside (or against) men, I also love reading about women who exhibit other kinds of strength – and they deserve just as much attention.

Also, in keeping with Women In SF&F Month, all of the female characters featured in this post were created by female authors. 😉

Click here to read “Profiles of Courage: Compelling Female Characters in Fantasy Who Defy the ‘Strong Female Protagonist’ Stereotype.”

If you haven’t yet, please check out the other awesome posts that are part of Women In SF&F Month. Some of my favorites so far are Ilana C. Myer’s on religion and spirituality in world-building, Beth Cato’s on healers as protagonists, and Stephanie Burgis’s on the female authors who inspired her to write fantasy.

How about you? Who are some of your favorite female protagonists who defy the “strong” stereotype? Share them here as well as at Fantasy Book Cafe. I’ll be dropping in there periodically to respond to any comments!

9 thoughts on “Guest-Posting at Fantasy Cafe for Women In SF&F Month

  1. This is a great event, I remember my co-bloggers taking part last year (I was too busy with the new baby 🙂 My favorite “strong female protagonist” who exhibits inner strength is definitely Blackthorn from Juliet Marillier’s Dreamer’s Pool!

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    • Yes! Now that you mention it, I remember Wendy and Tiara took part last year, too. And I’ve really got to get my hands on Dreamer’s Pool at some point… But I’m trying not to buy any more books for a while. :S

      Thanks for stopping by, Mogsy!


  2. I’m about to pop over there, but very excited to read your post. I’ll never forget Jim C Hine’s post about the problems with the “strong female” archetype, and can’t wait to see who you’ve picked to show as exceptions to the rule. 🙂

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