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Leona Henry @ Leona’s Blog of Shadows nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award a while back. (Thank you, Leona – and sorry it took so long!) Leona is a Turkish-born fantasy writer who now lives in Finland and is preparing to publish her debut novel series, The Coin of Liberius, via Reamwalker Publishing Group. If you like dark epic fantasy in the vein of George R.R. Martin and R. Scott Bakker, then keep an eye out for Leona’s upcoming works. 😉

Here are the rules for the One Lovely Blog Award:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you. (Check!)
  2. List the rules and display the award. (Check!)
  3. List 7 facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 15 others bloggers and notify them of their nomination.

So, let’s see what facts I can share with you today that I haven’t shared here yet. 😉

Seven (More) Random Facts About Me

ISFJ 16personalities_sml


1. When it comes to Myers-Briggs Personality Types, I’m an ISFJ.

That was my result when I first took the MBTI test in college. It still is today, though I’ve learned how to use some of my weaker “functions” better over time. But every time I read about an ISFJ, I swear I’m reading about myself: supportive, patient, and diligent – but also shy, sensitive of other people’s feelings, and perfectionistic. :S

2. I’ve never pulled an April Fool’s prank on anyone.

While I’m the kind of person who will joke and tease her friends a little, I’ve never done a legitimate April Fool’s prank on anyone. It’s probably because the one time a friend pulled such a prank on me, it didn’t go over very well. (I fully blame my reaction on a stressful day at work!) But I guess I’m also not the kind of person who thinks about pranking others to begin with.

Wendy growing up

3. I didn’t always want to be a writer when I grew up.

At different points earlier in life, I wanted to be a dancer, an illustrator, a singer, or a psychologist. Even my writing-related ambitions changed from author to songwriter, to journalist, and back to author. Funny how it keeps coming back to that one goal, huh?

4. I’m picky about the shoes I wear.

It all comes down to personal taste. Stilettos scare me (and they’re so bad for your feet!), and I find dress boots confining and uncomfortable. So, I stick to sneakers, flats, dress shoes with 1- or 2-inch heels, snowboots during winter, and flip-flops and flat or slightly-heeled sandals during summer. I also can’t stand crazy colors like pink, silver, gold, etc., so all of my footwear is either black, tan, or some shade of brown.


Luna Lovegood animated

5. Harry Potter Nerd Alert! If I were a student entering my first year at Hogwarts, I would be sorted into Ravenclaw.

I’ve taken a few different Hogwarts sorting quizzes, including the “official” one at Pottermore, and Ravenclaw is the result I get most often. It fits me well enough. I was a diligent, academically motivated student through college; and my reading and writing habits, eclectic tastes in movies and music, and love of fantasy would definitely qualify me as “quirky” and “accepting of people and things that others would consider ‘weird.'” Not to mention Luna Lovegood would be one of my housemates. Yay! 🙂

6. I crave vegetables sometimes.

I kid you not. There are days when all I want for lunch or dinner is a nice, big, healthy salad. And if someone leaves leftover vegetables at dinner, I’ll snatch them up before anyone else does.

I know. I’m weird. But on the flip side…

Rustic Tomato Basil Soup and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

7. My favorite “comfort food” meal is a grilled cheese sandwich and a bowl of tomato soup.

I love tomato soup and anything with melted cheese separately, but when I tried this food combination for the first time, I swore I had been swept into non-dessert heaven. 😀 It’s a quick, “stick to your ribs” kind of meal and is especially warming during the colder months. And yes, when I see a “grilled cheese and tomato soup” combo on a sandwich shop or restaurant menu, it’s so, SO tempting. (*smacks her lips*)

My Nominees for the One Lovely Blog Award

Here are my nominees for the One Lovely Blog Award. Since 15 is a lot of nominees, I’ll stick to 7 (one for every fact shared in this post). 😉

As always, if you don’t have time or typically don’t do blog awards, please don’t feel obligated to pass it along. Just know that I think you deserve the recognition.

  1. Aberdeen @ A Glimpse of Starlight
  2. Annie Hawthorne @ Curious Wren
  3. Elizabeth Rawls
  4. The Orangutan Librarian
  5. Nandini Bharadwaj @ Pages That Rustle
  6. Phoenix Grey
  7. Sarah J. Higbee

How about you? What is your MBTI Personality Type? Or some of your favorite comfort foods? Which Hogwarts house do you think you’d be sorted into? 

40 thoughts on “The One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Thanks for the nomination! 🙂 I think I’ll have it up by Monday.
    I’ve been sorted into Ravenclaw by most of the quizzes as well! Looks like I’ll have you and Luna for company. 😀
    About the footwear, I’m not a heels person either and I always thought I was somewhat of an anomaly because just about everyone else I know loves them.
    A veggie person? That’s rare. I love them as well – more on that in my post. 😉

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    • You’re welcome! No rush on responding; whenever you have a chance is fine. 😉

      Most everyone who has commented so far identifies with Ravenclaw, too. So it looks like we’ll be in good company. 😉

      I know the feeling. Most of the women I know (including my friends) like to have fashionable or trendy shoes… But that’s just not me.

      There’s a running joke in my family that my parents raised one “herbivore” (me) and one “carnivore.” My brother loves anything with meat and tends to skimp on vegetables. He also likes to call some of the food I eat “rabbit food.” XD

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  2. Thank you so much for the nomination, Sara:). I really appreciate it. I PROMISE I shall respond in the next couple of weeks, as I’m really concentrating on blogging at present, as an antidote to ALLLL the editing I’m doing. To be honest, I’d never HEARD of the Meyers-Briggs, but I’ve just taken the test and registered as a PROTAGONIST… whatever one those are. I just hope that doesn’t mean I figure as a main character in anyone’s novel, because protagonists are often due a world of hurt! Toasted sun-dried tomato & herb cibatta bread rolls with marmite ranks very high as comfort food:). Like you, I think I’d be in Ravenclaw…

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    • You’re welcome, Sarah! And no rush on responding. (It took me 4 or 5 months to finally respond to Leona’s… )

      *lol* So if you got The Protagonist as a result, that means you’re an ENFJ. There are in-depth profiles about each MBTI type at the site. Does this sound accurate for you?

      And no, I doubt you’re anyone’s protagonist in a story. 😉 That’s just a “title” they gave for that personality type. I don’t know if I’d call myself a Defender, tbh, but the rest fits me pretty well.

      Yay for more Ravenclaws! 😀

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      • Thank you for the link! That was certainly me a decade or so ago, but these days I am kinder to myself and less prone to feel it is always my fault when things go wrong… I am now also better at saying ‘no’ than I used to be, although that is still a skill I think I need to continue finessing:). Thank you for this – it was certainly interesting. I’ll try to respond sooner rather than later – or I’ll likely to completely forget. Time HASN’T improved my memory!

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  3. I finally made a Pottermore account thanks to this post, just so I can find out what House I get sorted into! I ended up being Hufflepuff! I’d like to think it could have gone every other way though, there were some questions like the box one or the animal companion one where I think I just chose randomly, lol. Thanks for the fun, fellow Potter nerd 🙂

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  4. Great post!! Thanks so much for the tag!! I’m actually a fan of pulling april fools jokes and having them pulled on me- it’s the perfect opportunity to tell people ridiculous things and see if they believe you!! haha love that peter pan gif. Stilettos are scary!! Also I’m a Ravenclaw too- no matter how many times I take the quiz, I always get that! *high five* And I’m also a fan of a good salad and some vegetables (I’m the same about leftover veg at dinner. And I can’t deal if there’s no veg or salad accompaniment to my meal!) And I adore grilled cheese and tomato soup (or any kind of soup for that matter)- it’s the best!

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    • You’re welcome! You’ve commented here a few times, so I thought it was time for a proper acknowledgment / thank-you. 😉

      I actually had tomato soup and a TBM (tomato, basil, & mozzarella) melt for lunch yesterday. It must be that time of year. 😉

      I haven’t responded to the rest of the comments yet, but it seems like a lot of people here at Ravenclaws! *returns the high five*

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  5. Congrats!

    I recognize the ISFJ image you used from the 16 personalities website. I love that site! I use it all the time when I’m developing characters. I got the INTJ result when I took the MBTI in college. I’m curious: did you find yourself learning more about other people than yourself when reading your results? When my results packet said, “It confuses you that anyone would ever flirt for fun,” I was more intrigued by the second part of the statement than the first. I remember thinking, “Well, of course that would be confusing. Why would anyone ever communicate inefficiently on purpose? But…wait, what? They do it for fun? That explains so much!”

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    • Thanks, Alison! 🙂

      I use 16personalities for my characters, too! Not for the initial development; I like to learn more about the “people I see in my head,” then see what their personality type is to help me better understand how they think and function. And yes, doing that definitely has helped me understand real people betters as well.

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  6. These are some interesting facts, thanks for sharing!
    I can totally relate to the shoes issues, I hate stilletos, and my footwear of choice is heavy boots (various brands, though I found Doc Marten’s most comfortable). I don’t like sport shoes (so snickers are a “no” too), I rarely wear “high” (just like you, an inch or two max) heels, and most of my shoes are black, though I own a pair of red boots and wouldn’t mind deep, saturated purple… 😉

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      • XD I remember one time I went into a shoe store to find a new pair of walking sneakers. It only took me a couple minutes to find what I was looking on, try on a pair, and be happy enough with them to buy them. So I was in the store for… not even 10 minutes? And when I left, an older gentleman who passed me gave me an amused look and said, “I was still in my car when you went in. That’s the fastest I’ve ever seen a woman buy a pair of shoes!” (*lol*)

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  7. I’m an INTJ! ^_^ And you know, I don’t think I’ve knowingly met an ISFJ before, so that’s cool. 😉 I can definitely see that’s you, though!

    When I took the test, it let me choose between Griffyndor and Hufflepuff. O.O I chose Griffyndor. *grins*

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    • So many writers are INTJs! I’ve read other blog posts where writers discuss MBTI personality types, and that seems to be the most common type among us. So you’re in good company. 😉 And Griffyndors are always awesome.

      Thanks for commenting, Brianna!


  8. I’ll break the mold because for as many times as I’ve gotten Ravenclaw, I’ve gotten Slytherin. Like the Myers-Briggs, the sorting hat just doesn’t know what to do with me . . . *looks shifty*
    (My sister Grace gets ISFJ results more often than not though)
    I like April Fool’s pranks, but I usually think of them AFTER April 1st. I’ve always loved a good prank, and mischief.
    I always wanted to be a dancer too!! I took ballet and tap, but I’m not really built for it, and you’ve read my comments about my coordination. Hip-hop is my strongest dance form.
    So when you wrote songs, did you just write lyrics?
    I am picky about shoes too! I have been hunting for bridesmaid dress shoes for a few weeks now. The last store I was in, I saw a terrible pair of black and gold velvet/suede wedge loafers for $10. Three minutes later, I decided I was done with shopping, bought the loafers, and left happy. My shoes (like most other wearables) depend on my mood. But stilettos freak me out too. I’m more of a wedges and combat boots type of girl. But I also have a strange affinity for ugly shoes . . .
    *High five* on the vegetables. I love them too 🙂 A giant salad sound delightful right now. Do you like cooked vegetable dishes as well?

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    • Ha ha, I remember you talking about the MBTI “sorting issue” you have. But maybe the I for Introvert is a definite?

      I took ballet, jazz, and hip hop lessons for years. (Well, ballet for 2 or 3, ballet and jazz for another 2 or 3, then hip hop for several years when I changed dance schools because my family moved to a new town.) I don’t know if I have a favorite of the three, but I appreciate dance in all its forms now. I’d love to go see The Nutcracker someday. 🙂

      Yes, lyrics only. I never learned how to play any instruments, so I had to rely on others for the music. That said, the only “songs” I ever “wrote” were by writing new lyrics to existing songs by other artists. The couple times that people offered to help me write an actual, original song, they never panned out. :/

      “I also have a strange affinity for ugly shoes . . .”

      XD XD XD I don’t know what to say about that – but if you love them, then that’s awesome.

      I had a salad for lunch yesterday! 🙂 And yes, I liked cooked vegetable dishes, too. Someday I want to make my mother’s stuffed summer squash. It’s so delicious, but very involved – and when you live alone and cook mostly for yourself, it’s tough to justify making all those squashes for yourself. *lol*


      • Yes, the I is accurate, 😉

        I love watching ballet – it’s incredible! I saw a production of the Nutcracker when I lived up near Traverse City (one of W MI’s cultural hubs). I am astonished by the skill, athleticism, and grace of ballet dancers (and dancers in general). I would like to take up ballroom myself, but it’s *kind of* one of those things you need a willing partner for, you know?

        I like a lot of “ugly” things, now that I think about it. Like hairless cats (I think they’re adorable). *Shrugs* At least I don’t expect anyone else to like ’em!!

        “when you live alone and cook mostly for yourself” – Yes, which explains why my sister and I have more jam than we’ll eat in a lifetime (she likes to make jam), and I somehow end up eating kimchi for weeks on end every time I make it (not that I mind, but I sometimes mind making huge batches of it after I decided to bring home 5+ pounds of cabbage . . .)
        Which reminds me, have you ever made eggplant curry? I don’t know if you like Indian food (I don’t think I’ve asked). But it’s AMAZING. Especially with fresh naan or pitas.
        And now I’m starving . . . *wanders off to find some food*

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      • I know what you mean about ballroom dancing. One of my college friends took lessons a couple years ago. I think she and her partner (her then-boyfriend) even took part in an amateur competition.

        “I like a lot of “ugly” things, now that I think about it. Like hairless cats (I think they’re adorable). *Shrugs* At least I don’t expect anyone else to like ’em!!”

        XD XD XD

        Not a big fan of eggplants, tbh. (In addition to loving the vegetables I love, I’m also super-picky about veggies. :S ) And… I don’t think I’ve tried Indian food before? I’ll have to rectify that at some point…

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      • Most people I know don’t like eggplants, but I think that’s because they haven’t tried any really good eggplant recipes. Italian eggplant parmesan is also amazing.

        Find yourself an Indian restaurant (or a recipe), my friend. There are some awesome veggie options, and the spices are SO. GOOD. -Obviously, I have no opinion on this matter- 😉

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  9. I’m an INFJ Ravenclaw! I also haven’t pulled a legitimate April Fools prank either. XD I actually hate April Fools. I dread that day every year, because of the stuff I’ve fallen for. I love salads and veggies. They are my fav! Good to know more about you!

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    • Another Ravenclaw! There are so many of us. 😀 And yay for another veggie lover, too!

      Yeah, April Fools Day can be a bit anxiety-inducing… But I can think of worse days of the years. (*grumbles about the over-commercialization of Valentines Day*)

      Btw I’m slowly making my way to the Get To Know Me Tag you’d tagged me on a while ago. 😉

      Thanks for stopping by as always!

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      • Do you have a favorite veggie? I really love grape tomatoes and artichokes.

        Haha take your time. XD I have a stock of tags too that I’m almost to the bottom of.

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      • Hmmmm… I don’t know. I like a lot of vegetables – but I’m also very picky, so there are a lot I don’t like, either. *lol* But I like carrots (especially raw baby carrots), tomatoes, and green beans.

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  10. Ohhh, I’ve been there with the craving vegetables! There was this one time, where I really wanted something cucumber-y, and I had no clue why.

    I took one of those “What Hogwarts House Would You Be Sorted Into?” quizzes, and was told I’d be a Hufflepuff. I haven’t read all of the Harry Potter books, so I really don’t know enough to say whether that feels right or wrong, but yeah.

    My Meyers-Brigg personality type is INFP-T. I’m not totally sure how well that fits me (usually what I think when I read over the description is, “Wait…is that me?”), but every time I take the test, that’s the result I end up with.

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    • Cucumbers are one of those vegetables I’m iffy about. I don’t know why; maybe it’s the taste. But I don’t mind them in a salad now and then.

      From what I remember about Hufflepuffs…. they’re known for their kindness and loyalty. They’re usually hardworking, patient, and fair toward others. Does that help a little bit?

      Nice! One of my best friends is an INFP. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by, Morgan!


      • I didn’t use to care for cucumbers, but I like them now. I’m usually pretty good with vegetables, though—I hadn’t really run into one I don’t like. I mean, there are certainly ones I care for less than others, but still. (That being said, I’m not sure I’ve had any of the vegetables that people almost always seem to dislike, like brussel sprouts.)
        I’m actually more iffy with fruits than vegetables, hehe.

        Hmm… I suppose that could maybe be me when I’m in a good mood, except for the patient part. (I’m a really impatient person.)

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  11. Thank you for nominating me, Sara. I’m busy with atozchallenge right now, but after that I’d like to get to this!
    I’ve gotten INFJ, and then a mix of Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. I’m probably more Ravenclaw though. 🙂
    I’m the same with shoes. I’m all about comfort while looking nice. No stilettos or extreme footwear.
    Veggies yes! There are days I crave them. You’re not alone in that. 😀

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    • Actually, I had drafted that post before you had announced that you’d give A To Z a try. Once I saw that, I thought, “Oh dear. I hope she doesn’t feel pressured to follow my tag right away.” :S

      Anyway, take your time with responding, E. I understand, and you’re very welcome.

      Wow, there are more veggie-cravers out there than I thought. Awesome. 😀

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