New at DIY MFA: #5onFri – Five Reasons Why Writers Should Give Coloring Books a Try


Some of you might remember that I’ve fallen in love with adult coloring books. Yesterday I declared that love again at DIY MFA, as part of their weekly #5onFri series. But I’m not simply gushing about the adult coloring book trend. Instead, I offer five reasons why writers should try this hobby for themselves, from using it as a means to de-stress or meditate, to making it a creative solution for breaking through writer’s block.

Click here to read “#5onFri: Five Reasons Why Writers Should Give Coloring Books a Try.”

Are you also a fan of coloring? What are some of your favorite adult coloring books? Do you engage in other forms of art like painting, dancing, composing / playing music, etc.?

17 thoughts on “New at DIY MFA: #5onFri – Five Reasons Why Writers Should Give Coloring Books a Try

      • Same here! I’m still on my first mandala book, but when I browsing through coloring books at stores (like I was a couple hours ago *wink*), the pattern-y ones catch my eye the most. I think it’s because you can personalize each mandala, so each one comes out differently than the last one; whereas I’d feel obligated to color the nature, animal, ocean, etc. images true to life. I’d rather let my imagination run wild! *lol*

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      • Awesome! Hehe, it’s so bad for me to browse coloring books at stores because I really ought to finish one before I start another, but they’re so tempting … Yes, I totally agree with you! Nature scenes feel more constricting, whereas you can basically do whatever you want with patterns. I also like to name each design once I color it, like “Fiesta” for a bright, Mexican-looking one, which I feel like I couldn’t really do for scenes.

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  1. I’ve often leafed through the adult coloring books, but have yet to pick one up.

    I know the BBC is releasing a “Doctor Who” one at some time in the near future, and I keep wanting to check it out and see if it’s properly reflective of the whole series or just the new show. (I can understand why they might want to be trendy and only do the recent show, but if it’s a coloring book and leaves out the sixth Doctor, that’s just silly! Who’d want to color the ninth or twelfth Doctors? They only wear black. The sixth wears almost every color of the rainbow!)

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  2. I am, I am! Though I’m finding less time to do it these days. I find it fun, but I actually don’t find it all that relaxing, is that weird? I guess I am just too much of a perfectionist, and I just want everything – colors, combinations, shading – to be JUST RIGHT. I do love playing with different colors though, and it keeps my coloring skills honed, so that’s where most of my enjoyment comes from 🙂

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    • *lol* You know, I had the same problem with coloring when I first started it. I still scold myself sometimes if I realize after the fact that I should have used a different color. But yeah, that mentality can ruin the fun of coloring. So, whenever I start a new mandala, I remind myself to go with the flow. No page is ever going to be perfect – but you know what? There’s nothing wrong with that. 😉


  3. I enjoy coloring books, especially when I have a friend with me. It’s been a fun pass-time with others while sipping tea. I’ve also found it to be a nice icebreaker with people I don’t know very well. 🙂 I prefer the nature-oriented designs. Something about coloring leaves and mushrooms works my imagination.

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