Tea Time at Reverie: Tea Maineia’s Cold Comfort Herbal Blend

Today’s Tea Time comes courtesy of the Maine-based tea shop Tea Maineia, as well as my first head cold of the winter. (No worries, I’m feeling much better now!) But really, it’s funny how your health or frame of mind dictates the kinds of tea you crave. In this case, I tried Tea Maineia’s Cold Comfort, a blend of green tea, fruit, and herbs known for their healing properties. Read more of my thoughts on it at A Bibliophile’s Reverie. 🙂

A Bibliophile's Reverie

Tea Maineia logo

During a recent trip to Maine, I visited Tea Maineia in Winterport, about 25 minutes south of Bangor. What a charming place! Not only does Tea Maineia carry a wide variety of teas (black, oolong, green, white, and herbal / rooibos), but it also sells teapots, mugs, and locally made condiments and other foods that pair well with tea. It also has a bright, welcoming environment inside, and the owner is friendly and wonderfully knowledgeable. If you’re ever in the Bangor area, I highly recommend checking out Tea Maineia!

And of course I couldn’t leave without purchasing some tea. 😉 So, for today’s Tea Time, we’ll cover one of Tea Maineia’s several herbal tisanes. Cold Comfort blends green and rooibos teas with fruit and herbs often used for alleviating symptoms of the common cold. How does this unique infusion brew up? And did I find it comforting during a recent head cold?…

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4 thoughts on “Tea Time at Reverie: Tea Maineia’s Cold Comfort Herbal Blend

  1. Are you still blending teas on your own? Where are you learning how to do it? I’d love to learn more about it myself… maybe some day I can make my own brand of chai. Just enough spice, just enough vanilla, and about 10lbs of it in my garage so I never run out. 😉

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    • I actually need to get back to tea-blending soon. With everything that happened over the winter holidays, I just didn’t have time for it – or much room in my brain to think of it. :/ So I need to set some time aside to figure out which blends I still to finish, and which teas I need to order / restock.

      I’ve been doing the tea-blending at home, and buying various tea samples from Adagio Teas (http://www.adagio.com/). It’s nothing fancy, but it’s all I need for what I’m trying to accomplish. And it’s been a fun challenge so far. 🙂

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