Writer’s Digest Conference 2016: Are You Going?


You might remember that I went to last year’s Writer’s Digest Conference in New York City, and had an absolute blast. So, guess what? I’m already planning to go back this year! 😀

The 2016 Writer’s Digest Conference will be held Friday, August 12th through Sunday, August 14th at the Hilton New York Midtown in NYC. (Click here to visit the conference website.) The schedule hasn’t been announced yet, but (in WD’s own words) the format will be very similar to last year: “a balanced education in both the craft and the business of being a writer—all in an encouraging, inspiring environment.” There will be sessions on specific literary genres, the publishing industry, author platforms and marketing, and so on; as well as the ever-popular Pitch Slam and various networking events.

I haven’t registered for WDC 2016 yet. However, I’m going to do that by Sunday, January 31st to take advantage of the Early Bird pricing. So, I thought I’d alert fellow writers: If you want to go to the conference this year, NOW is the best time to decide. That way, you can also take advantage of the most affordable price while it’s available. Also, once the presenters are announced, many offer coupons codes for WDC that you can redeem when you register. The best way to keep an eye on this is by checking out the presenters’ websites or social media pages or (if you’re on Twitter) by following the hashtag #WDC16.

If you’d like more information about last year’s WDC offerings, check out these posts:

Again, for more information on this year’s installment, click here to visit the Writer’s Digest Conference website. Remember: The Early Bird pricing is good through Sunday, January 31st!

Who else thinks they’re going to WDC 2016? Let me know – I’d love to meet up with any writing pals who are planning to attend this year!

16 thoughts on “Writer’s Digest Conference 2016: Are You Going?

    • They are! I’d love to go to Boston ComicCon and a couple speculative fiction oriented conferences in my area… But I don’t think that will happen this year. Maybe in 2017, though… We’ll have to see.

      Are you going to SDCC again this year?


    • Thanks, Mogsy! I hope so, too. I checked the conference schedule the other day, and no one has been confirmed as speakers or Pitch Slam agents / editors yet. Hopefully they’ll have some names soon…


  1. I’ve had a subscription to WD for a few years now, and I really enjoy it! It’s the perfect mix of practical tips and inspiration. I should definitely add this conference to my bucket list.

    Thanks for sharing this information, and for visiting my blog!

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    • You’re welcome, Sunny! And thanks for visiting in return. 🙂

      WDC last year was nothing short of amazing. I learned so much about the business side of writing and made new friends there. There’s nothing like being in a hotel full of people who share the same dreams and passions you have. I hope you can come!


  2. I’m hoping to go to the Chapter One Conference this year (because it’ll be the last year I’m young enough to attend xD), but maybe I’ll attend this one next time!! *rapidly bookmarks conference website along with 3 billion other awesome conference websites*

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    • I’ve never heard of Chapter One. I hope you get to go, and have an awesome time!

      “*rapidly bookmarks conference website along with 3 billion other awesome conference websites*”

      Do I ever know that feeling. I was considering maybe one or two other conferences this year (including a couple speculative fiction oriented events and Boston Comic Con), but I’m not so sure that will happen now.


  3. I want to go!! And thanks for the Early-Bird fee notice – I wouldn’t have realized otherwise.
    I am going to be at an ABA conference (for work) at the end of January, and it is kind of occupying all the brain cells not devoted to work and writing, but I will definitely try to get my ducks in a row before the end of the month – less money is always a huge motivator for me, lol. And I am really dying to go back to NYC, soooooo, sheesh. The sooner I get that year chart plotted out, the better. And thanks again for the tip!

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    • YAAAAAY!!! And you’re welcome! Last year, I didn’t start talking about WDC until June, and one of the most frequent reactions I got was, “I wish I had known about this sooner.” So, this year, I decided to give people a much earlier heads-up so they could take advantage of the best prices while they could. And honestly, who doesn’t like saving money? 🙂

      Once you’re 100% sure or have signed up, let me know via email. You have my address, right?


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