Happy Holidays! (Plus, I’m On Hiatus)

Happy Holidays 2015

Just wanted to wish you all a wonderful holiday season! May these last few days of the year be filled with warmth, good food and company, and lots of love and joy.

Also, starting today I’m taking a 2-week hiatus from the blog. I may pop in to reply to comments or catch up on other sites. But, with the exception of my monthly wrap-up post (Time Flies) on Wednesday, December 30th, nothing new will post until Monday, January 4th.

Until then, Happy Holidays!  🙂

~ Sara


24 thoughts on “Happy Holidays! (Plus, I’m On Hiatus)

  1. Happy Holidays, Sara! I hope you have a wonderful time, get plenty of rest, and read all of those books you’ve been wanting too. 😉 If you plan on editing/revising TKC during this time, I hope that goes well too. *Christmas Holiday Hug*
    I wish I could say this week would be filled with warmth and joy, but things are looking grim with my grandfather’s health. We’ll see how it goes.


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