The Premio Dardos Award

I’m still in the process of catching up with several blog tags and awards that came my way over the summer. Today it’s the Premio Dardos Award, courtesy of Zezee With Books. (Thank you, Zezee!)

The Premio Dardos Award was brand new to me when Zezee nominated me back in July. And unlike most blog awards, it’s not given strictly out of goodwill or friendship. Instead, it recognizes bloggers for creative and original writing influenced by cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values. A very meaningful award, in other words; and I’m humbled and honored that someone would consider the work I do here to be worthy of this kind of recognition. 🙂

Here are the rules for the Premio Dardos Award, along with the graphic:


My Nominees for the Premio Dardos Award

Because of all the blog tags and awards I’ve done recently and the three more I still have left, I’m limiting myself to 8 nominees instead of 15. These individuals shouldn’t feel obligated to accept the nomination. Yet I hope they know I’ve chosen to highlight them here because I believe they deserve this recognition. 🙂

As you’re about to find out, some of these nominees are writers leaving their unique mark on the world. Others come from different walks of life but still embody the Premio Dardos spirit in their amazing work. Here they are:

Alex Hurst is a speculative fiction writer who currently lives in Kyoto, Japan. I discovered her blog in April, when she was sharing photo collages of her time abroad as part of the A To Z Blogging Challenge. Not only have Alex’s later posts on Japanese culture and mythology opened my eyes to one of the world’s most vibrant and fascinating countries in the world, but her series on Jungian archetypes in literature is a real treat, especially if you have slight obsessions with character development and personality types. 😉

Alyssa Palombo is also a writer, with her debut historical fiction novel The Violinist of Venice due out in December. So, like most writers, she blogs about writing, but with the added excitement and uniqued perspective of one on the verge of being traditionally published. Some of her more craft-centric posts include the anxieties of “second book syndrome” and the lessons she learned from writing two novels in 8 months. She also explains the awesome music that inspired Violinist (fans of symphonic metal will love this!), and recently launched a series about the real-life places in Venice that appear in her book (and why she loves them so much).  If you haven’t visited Alyssa’s site yet, now is the perfect time to do so and learn about this world traveler / music lover / avid reader / talented craftswoman.

Eli at Coach Daddy loves soccer. He also loves being a dad to three girls. He writes about both and much more, blending humor, open-mindedness, and lots of bear hugs to create his own sense of fatherly wisdom. Sometimes he shares tongue-in-cheek answers to his daughters’ questions about anything from sponsorship deals to what certain Internet slang terms mean. Other days he’s more serious, as he was when he posted his thoughts about the symbolism behind gifts of flowers. In other words, Coach Daddy isn’t your typical parenting blog. It’s a place where people of all ages can hang out, have a good laugh, and trade insights on what it means to be family.

Emily Tjaden is the brilliant mind behind This Incandescent Life, one of my new favorite creativity blogs. Some of her posts center on writing, like this one about journaling. Most, however, embrace artistry in general and align with Emily’s primary purpose of helping others find their unique voices and use them to their fullest potential. Check out a handful of her articles, and you’ll see what I mean. Some of my favorites include creative identity, refueling and refocusing your muse, and adhering to one’s true calling.

Sacha Black calls herself a writer, thinker, and lover of the strange and unusual. What do I mean by “strange and unusual”? It depends on what Sacha wants to talk about. Sometimes it’s an oddity of our world, like Earth’s secret race of giants. Other times it’s a writer’s individuality, or (as Sacha worded during her #1000Speak post) “the weird in you.” And like many other writers, Sacha frequently offers tips about the craft, from how to successfully complete that elusive first draft to how to maintain your sanity while giving your manuscript a break. If there’s a common theme to be found in all of Sacha’s posts, it’s to embrace every bit of ourselves and our imagination with wonder and acceptance.

Sara Litchfield is a name you might have seen here before. She’s the author of the self-published dystopian thriller The Night Butterflies, and a British writing pal who lives in New Zealand. (*insert jealous insta-comment from an LOTR fan*) Her blog Right Ink on the Wall is a haven of its own, brimming with thoughtful musings, stunning photography taken by Sara herself, and occasional poetry. Life’s many sources of happiness, an open letter to her future self, living without regrets – these and other topics Sara ponders are both thought-provoking and also life-affirming. Together they offer a window into the world of a writer whose eyes, mind, and heart are fully open to her surroundings.

Sharyn Constantine runs two blogs that are equally deserving of this award, so I’m nominating both because I can’t choose between them. 😉 Exuberance Juice and Her Sabbatical share a common theme, too: They chronicle different aspects of Sharyn’s personal journey after leaving the corporate world to become a full-time mom and live a more fulfilling, enriching life. Exuberance Juice sparkles with creativity and joy, with posts about artwork for adults and homemade natural remedies. Her Sabbatical, on the other hand, is a refuge for the soul and spirit, reminding readers about the importance of listening to ourselves and reclaiming our sense of personal power. Follow either, and you’ll be enlightened. Follow both, and you’ll be grateful for Sharyn’s rays of sunshine and calm creek currents. (Sharyn, if you accept this nomination, feel free to decide which site you’d like to showcase it. No need to do it twice.)

Wendy at Wendy Lu Writes gave me a virtual welcome hug when I joined the DIY MFA staff last year. Not long after that, I learned what a thoughtful and accomplished writer she is in her own right. A journalist who’s now earning her graduate degree at Columbia University, Wendy uses her blog to keep a pulse on her passion, from the discoveries she made during her first 2 weeks of grad school to major events that impact her profession (i.e., the Charlie Hedbo terrorist attack in January). She also shares personal pieces, many of which I can relate to. For example, how can vision-impaired people feel more empowered – not less confident – by wearing glasses? And, how does one feel their age when other people think they look 5 or 10 years younger? (Some people tell me I look like I should still be in college. :o) It never ceases to amaze me how our online friends often share our dreams, fears, and insecurities, and find the courage to give those parts of themselves a voice.

Which blogs have impacted you because of their creative, eye-opening, and/or inspiring content? What other blog topics do you enjoy reading about besides writing and literature? 

26 thoughts on “The Premio Dardos Award

  1. You’re welcome, Sara. And now I have new blogs to check out. 🙂 The content you’ve pointed out in this post are very compelling. I have to bookmark that “Earth’s secret race of giants” one to read later.

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  2. Wow, thank you so much for the nomination, Sara! I so appreciate it. I’d love to accept but not sure if I can as I don’t really have anyone to nominate…I don’t read too many blogs regularly (just yours and maybe a couple others).

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Such an honor, Sara. This one comes with a full breakfast with hashbrowns and chocolate milk, right? I kid. Just reading about the others you’ve nominated … wow. Quite an impressive group and I’m honored to be mixed up in the midst of them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re welcome, Eli! I wanted to feature a different group of bloggers this time around, especially those with a different purpose than reading or the craft of writing. Coach Daddy was one of the first blogs I thought of as a result. 🙂

      And sure, why not a virtual breakfast to go with it? *hands Eli his requested tray*

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  4. This was great! Some of these were familiar to me, but I love finding awesome new blogs. And I’m jealous of Alex here – I daydream about going to Kyoto (and basically anywhere in Japan).
    Oh wait, New Zealand too.
    No, basically anywhere in the world.
    But in all seriousness, these bloggers are great, and I love reading tags for exactly this reason: there’s always another incredible blog that I haven’t seen before!
    And congrats on the much deserved award 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Rebekah! It blew me away to receive this kind of award, and I still feel that way now. And I agree on the finding new blogs bit. You never know what other sites people might be following that might interest you as well.

      Oh yah. It’s impossible not to be jealous of Alex and Sara because of where they live. 😉


  5. Awww, wow! Thank you so much for the nomination, Sara! I really like the idea of this award, too. It’s got a real narrow focus and that’s great. 🙂 Your other nominees also look like really interesting bloggers (the ones I didn’t know already, at least!)

    Congrats on your own nomination!

    Liked by 1 person

      • ❤ Thank you so much. All that matters to me is if my blog is a good read for others, so I am pretty happy right now with the nomination! ^-^


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