New at DIY MFA: #5onFri – Five Reasons Why Writer’s Digest Conference 2015 Was Awesome


I wasn’t expecting Part 2 of my coverage of the 2015 Writer’s Digest Conference to post until next week at DIY MFA. But since it was ready, they snuck it in today instead. 😉

Today’s article is also part of DIY MFA’s weekly #5onFri series. As the title says, I offer five reasons why WDC 2015 was awesome – and why I’m already considering going back for 2016.

Click here to read “#5onFri: Five Reasons Why Writer’s Digest Conference 2015 Was Awesome.”

The third and final installment of my WDC coverage should be live next Thursday. (Yes, I’ve done a lot of article-writing the past couple weeks!)

Did you also attend this year’s Writer’s Digest Conference? What were some of your favorite aspects of the event? Which sessions did you attend?

5 thoughts on “New at DIY MFA: #5onFri – Five Reasons Why Writer’s Digest Conference 2015 Was Awesome

  1. This sounds such a fantastic experience. I so wish I could go.

    The nearest conferences for me are happening in Great Britain. I’ve been meaning to go to at least one for some time now, but unfortunally – though the occasion came – I couldn’t grab it this year. I’m hoping for next year though.
    Every time I read about you guys going to conferences I feel so excited… and so depressed…

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    • Thanks, Mogsy! Yes, connecting with people in general really was a huge part of WDC. Sometimes that’s what helps us “get in our foot in the door,” so to speak. And even if a writer is naturally introverted and uncomfortable with putting themselves out there, this reminds us that we HAVE to take those steps if we want to get to the next level.

      Isn’t that cool?? It just goes to show that you never know what can happen when you say Hi to someone.


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