On a Mini-Hiatus Until Tuesday, August 4th

Hi, everyone!

Just a quick note that starting today, I’m on a “mini” blogging hiatus for Writer’s Digest Conference. The Time Flies monthly wrap-up will still post as scheduled tomorrow (Friday, July 31st). I may check comments from time to time over the weekend, but I won’t formally be back until Tuesday, August 4th.

Also, the first post-hiatus article will be July’s Recent Reads recap, which should go live on Wednesday, August 5th. There will be no 5 on the Fifth in August, but the meme will return in September.

Finally, I should be around on Twitter as time allows during WDC. You can catch me at @SaraL_Writer and see what I’m up to! 😉

Hope you’re having a fantastic week!

~ Sara

7 thoughts on “On a Mini-Hiatus Until Tuesday, August 4th

    • I’m actually going to be covering it for DIY MFA (definitely one article, possibly two). So I might not do my own report here; I might be spreading myself too thin if I do. But two articles should do the trick, right? 🙂


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