Tea Time at Reverie: Teasenz’s Oriental Beauty Blooming Tea

Another first for Tea Time At Reverie: Our first blooming tea! Chinese vendor Teasenz was kind enough to send a sample of their Oriental Beauty Blooming Tea, which combines Silver Needle White tea leaves with jasmine, globe amaranthe, and lily for a refreshing, delightful tisane. And since it’s blooming tea, the brewing process is truly a wonder to behold. Read on to learn more about Oriental Beauty and how blooming teas are crafted – and check out some photos I took while the tea brewed! (Hey, I didn’t want you to miss out on the best part. *wink*)

A Bibliophile's Reverie


Today marks another first for us: our first blooming tea review! Teavana fans might already been familiar with this unique artisan tea from China. If you aren’t, here’s a quick lesson.

Blooming tea combines traditional tea leaves (usually green or white) with flowers such as osmanthus, jasmine, lilies, marigolds, and globe amaranths. The leaves and flowers are sewn together, then rolled and shaped into a ball and held together by cotton threads. When the tea ball is immersed in hot water, it unfurls to reveal its colorful blossoms. Hence the tea’s namesake. 😉 Click here to learn more about blooming tea.

Our friends at Teasenz volunteered to send two blooming tea samples for review. The first one we’ll cover is Oriental Beauty Blooming Tea, a refreshing mix of floral and fruit flavors. And because this is blooming tea, I took some photos to go along with the review! You…

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