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Yesterday I stopped by Jenny Bravo’s Blots & Plots for her bi-monthly feature #FriendFriday. It’s a short interview, but it covers quite a lot of ground. I shared a little bit about how I started writing, offered advice on how writers can connect with future readers, and recalled one college professor’s encouragement that is most responsible for guiding me to where I am today as a writer. 🙂

Click here to read “Getting to Know Your Readers with Sara Letourneau” at Blots & Plots.

12 thoughts on “#FriendFriday Feature at Blots & Plots

  1. Interesting interview and some good advice. I especially like wht you sad about social media. It’s a lesson I’ve had to learn – you can’t do everything. Time won’t allow. .

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    • Thanks, Phoenix! Yes, it’s really hard to follow the “be everywhere” advice that other writers advocate when it comes to social media. Especially if you’re still in school or (in my case) have a full-time job, you have to pick and choose where you want to spend your time and how much of that time you want to spend. It’s good to be careful with how much time and energy we spend on social media – because we want to save more for writing, right? 😉

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  2. That was a great interview! I especially understood the advice you got from your teacher. I once had to write a short story for a literature class that explored Freud’s Uncanny, (also my first published work) and the teacher had a note in the margins that made me really happy, even though it was innocuous: Where do you GET these names!?

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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  3. Great interview! And you managed very well to keep to the 70 word limit 😉 –Not sure I could’ve done that. I was always drawing pictures of animals and making up the strangest stories as a kid; I think we have some more things in common! That’s awesome your professor pushed you to go out into the world and get published. Sometimes all we need is a little encouragment and support from those around us. 🙂

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    • LOL! It required some tightening and “shaving” to get there! I was ready to go down to fragments if need be. *lol*

      Yay for more things in common! Somehow I still remember the ending of one of my childhood stories. I was in a hut on a Hawaiian beach, eating pineapple pancakes. I had never been to Hawaii before… but doesn’t pineapple pancakes sound like something you might eat there, oddly enough? 🙂

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      • 😀 Pineapple pancakes…Hawaiian beach…that’s like a dream come true!
        Lol, one of my stories was about a Princess and a frog helping out a dragon. How backwards and anti-fairytale is that? Lol XD.
        Oh and don’t forget the great journey of a pair of birds as they fly across the Atlantic Ocean in search of a new home, battling hurricanes and creepy island head hunters.

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      • I love both of those ideas! 😀 Our imaginations really were boundless when we were younger, weren’t they?

        And OMG, do you know what pineapple pancakes and island head hunters made me think of? The initials are TKC – and no, not The Keeper’s Curse. 😉

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      • LOL, I guess Tropical Killer Cake was destined to exist, even when I was a child and didn’t know about its epicness yet! XD
        Speaking of hunters, a certain hunter just might make an appearance in Madnes Solver’s next chapter~ *secret grin*

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