Introducing Worksheets for Writers!

Exciting news, everyone: I have officially launched the Worksheets for Writers page!

Worksheets for Writers is where writers can find worksheets containing all kinds of writing and brainstorming exercises. The page houses only one document right now, but I already have ideas on how to expand my offerings over time.

Speaking of that first worksheet, it is the…

Novel Title Brainstorming Worksheets

The Novel Title Brainstorming Worksheets were inspired by my recent article on methods for finding novel titles. Several readers had said they would revisit the article the next time they wanted to brainstorm titles for their stories. That got me thinking: Why not turn the information presented in that article into actual exercises that writers can do offline? And so the worksheets were born.

The Novel Title Brainstorming Worksheets are available in printable PDF files that you can download directly from the page. This set comes in two parts:

  • Worksheet A: Novel Title Source Sheet, which lists tried-and-true sources for titles by story element (e.g., characters, setting, significant objects) and guides writers through activities using these elements
  • Worksheet B: Novel Title Checklist, which poses eight important questions that writers should consider when deciding on a novel title

Click here to visit Worksheets for Writers and to download a PDF copy of the Novel Title Brainstorming Worksheets.

I’m so thrilled about this new section of the website – and I hope you are, too! If you have any questions or comments about these and future worksheets I share, feel free to contact me here.

12 thoughts on “Introducing Worksheets for Writers!

  1. This sounds really awesome… Hopefully you’ll publish the series as blog posts so that I can get a ping each time a new article comes out. The writers group I admin for is always on the lookout for new resources. 🙂

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  2. This looks like it will be very useful. Having just read the article about titles, I definitely think it will be. thank you for doing the worksheet. 🙂

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