Winner of “Shadow Study” Giveaway

Shadow Study

Thanks once again to everyone who participated in the recent giveaway for Maria V. Snyder’s Shadow Study! The giveaway has ended, and all the administrative details have been taken care of. So, I’ve thrilled to announce that the winner of a signed U.S. copy of Shadow Study is…

Amanda Tse

Congratulations, Amanda! I hope you enjoy reading Shadow Study. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Winner of “Shadow Study” Giveaway

  1. Congrats, Amanda!

    I never enter giveaways, dunno why. Been thinking about hosting one though! If I can just find the time e_e I read a Maria V. Snyder book once… I’ll be honest, it was o-k-a-y. Hopefully I can read another one and see if was just that story or her actual writing that made me =s

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    • Snyder’s work is worth a second chance, IMO. I think my first book by her was “Storm Glass,” and I thought it was just OK, too. Then I got a hold of “Poison Study,” and I devoured that story in 3 days. I was completely drawn into the story and Yelena’s evolution from Page 1 to the end.

      Do you remember which Snyder novel you were just OK with, Ashana?


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