Stacking The Shelves, Vol. 8: Shadow Study & Author Interview Announcement!


Stacking The Shelves is a weekly event hosted by Tynga’s Reviews that shares the books (both physical and virtual) that you recently purchased, borrowed from a fellow reader or the library, won from a giveaway, or received as gifts. Stacking The Shelves will post on Saturdays as new books are added to my shelves.

The post title gives away which novel I’m featuring, so I’ll get right to it! 😉

Shadow Study photo 2
Shadow Study (The Study Series, Book #4) by Maria V. Snyder (YA Fantasy): One of the books – if not the book – I’ve been looking forward to most in 2015! I read the first Study trilogy (Poison StudyMagic Study, and Fire Study) last year, with Poison Study being my favorite Study novel so far. Now I’m thrilled to see where Yelena and Valek’s adventures lead them next!

Shadow Study inside

If you’re thinking, “Wait a minute, Shadow Study isn’t out until the end of the month!” – yes, you’re right. However, Maria V. Snyder offered to send me an author copy as a thank-you for her upcoming interview here! Make sure you check back here on Wednesday, February 18th if you don’t want to miss it. 😉

What books did you recently buy or acquire? Have you read of the books shown / discussed above? Feel free to share your opinions and most recent hauls by commenting below.

17 thoughts on “Stacking The Shelves, Vol. 8: Shadow Study & Author Interview Announcement!

    • It is! I wasn’t expecting Maria to offer to send one, so that was a real surprise.

      The Study series is pretty good. I’d describe it as an alternate reality fantasy with magic (more so after the first book), action, and romance (monogamous, and a slow-burn start in the first book). Personally, I think the first book Poison Study is much stronger than the other two, mostly because of Yelena’s character arc in that one alone. But as a whole, I liked the first trilogy a lot.


  1. OMG! I am so jealous! This so cool. I’m glad you got your hands on a signed advanced copy and cannot wait to read your interview with her 🙂

    Just read the comments on this post too and you may have a giveaway of Shadow Study? I think i just died with happiness 🙂

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    • Thanks! I hope fans will like it. I made a point to avoid asking questions that Maria’s been asked time and time again.

      And yes, you read that correctly – there will be a giveaway, courtesy of Maria herself! Details will come with the interview on the 18th. 😉

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    • Thanks, Lisa! It’s actually posting on the 18th, one week from this Wednesday. There’s also going to be a giveaway for Shadow Study, courtesy of Maria herself. 😉

      I’ve enjoyed the Study series so far, so I highly recommend it if you like YA fantasy with magic, action, and romance. Will check out your STS next!


    • Thanks, Molly! I can’t recommend the first book Poison Study highly enough. It’s one of my favorite YA fantasy novels ever, and a very mature one too. By “mature,” I mean not angst-ridden, and very well-written.


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