Another Round of Site Housekeeping

Housekeeping 2

Really? This again, so soon?? Gosh…

Hi, everyone!

After finally setting aside time for website “housekeeping” in August, I thought I’d be good for a while. Nope. Turns out I missed a few spots. *raises a fist*

Here’s what happened in the latest round of site updates:

  • A Meme and Series Index now exists! This is a convenient spot to access the Category pages for the different memes and articles series I run on the blog, such as Chronicling The Craft, Recent Reads, and Stacking The Shelves.
  • The “Books and Music” widget along the sidebar has been replaced by “What Am I Reading?”, which shows the books I’m currently reading as well as I’m planning to read next.
  • Poetry now features links to the three poems published in last year’s 40th Anniversary Edition of The Curry Arts Journal. I could’ve sworn I had updated the page a year ago for this very reason, but it must have slipped my mind. *lol*
  • Links and Ratings System have been updated.
  • The Guestbook has been deleted. Well, honestly, who uses guestbooks anymore?

Come back Monday and Tuesday next week for new – and more interesting – blog articles! In the meantime, I hope you’re doing well. Have a lovely weekend!

~ Sara

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