Join Me for Tea Time at A Bibliophile’s Reverie!


I’m thrilled to announce that I’m joining A Bibliophile’s Reverie as their tea reviewer! As you can tell from the blog’s name, A Bibliophile’s Reverie features mostly book reviews written in an accurate, creative, and unconventional manner. The blog also features periodic contests and book giveaways. The staff recently decided to expand their article offerings to include reviews of different beverages, including tea.

Here’s a link to my first article, a review of Tea Forté’s Oasis Green Tea.

If you’ve visited my blog before or seen me use the hashtag #teatime on Twitter, chances are you already know I love tea. Black, green, herbal, white, jasmine – I keep canisters full of different teas at home and at work, and I’m willing to give just about any kind a try. Reviewing my favorite beverage for A Bibliophile’s Reverie will be a fantastic opportunity to combine two of my passions and help me exercise my writing muscles in ways I haven’t used them before. In short: I’m super-excited about this new venture!

I’ll continue to post links to all future tea reviews on my Facebook and Twitter pages. Otherwise, I invite you to follow A Bibliophile’s Reverie directly to receive all tea and book reviews as they’re posted. I hope to see you there!

Coming Soon: Stay tuned for my next Grub Street article on manuscript critiques, as well as a review of Maria V. Snyder’s novel Poison Study!

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