Poetry Featured in “From The UV Files” Anthology

I’m thrilled to announce that my poem “Naked Truth” is featured in From The UV Files, the 2012 anthology from online literary journal Underground Voices!

From The UV Files cover

Founded in 2004, Underground Voices began as a monthly journal before expanding into a small press in 2009 and shifting exclusively to book publishing at the start of 2013. Its focus, however, remains the same: publishing raw, hard-hitting written works that cover dark and often controversial topics. From The UV Files was compiled by Underground Voices’ editorial staff and features select poems, fiction, and flash fiction published by the journal last year.

I’m incredibly proud that “Naked Truth,” originally included in Underground Voices’ April 2012 issue, was selected to be part of the anthology. I used to think this poem wasn’t publishable because of its subject matter and its angry, honest tone. But when I discovered Underground Voices, I knew I’d found the perfect home for “Naked Truth.”

To the staff of Underground Voices: Thank you for considering my work. My gratitude and excitement know no boundaries.

From The UV Files is available in paperback format from Amazon (click here). I highly recommend purchasing a copy if you like high-quality writing that’s on the bold and daring side.

Also, click here to read “Naked Truth” and “River Runs Red” at Underground Voices.

Coming later this week: “Chronicling The Craft: 6,000 Words”

9 thoughts on “Poetry Featured in “From The UV Files” Anthology

  1. Thank you for your post! I’m a longtime poet, who’s recently back writing poetry, blogging it, and self-publishing. Submitting my writing for publication is my next frontier! Reading about your success inspires me to take the next step. Thank you!


    • Thanks, Matthew! Unfortunately, Underground Voices is not a monthly literary journal now. The editor converted it into a small independent press earlier this year, so UV publishes a couple books per year. But I still recommend checking out their past issues, which are archived on the UV website.

      ~ Sara


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