Two Poems Published Today at The Eunoia Review

More good news on the poetry front today: My poems “At A Loss” and “Writing A Memoir” have been published at The Eunoia Review!

The Eunoia Review is an UK-based online literary magazine that is “committed to sharing the fruits of ‘beautiful thinking’.” What makes this publication unique is that it publishes writers’ work on a rolling basis instead of monthly, quarterly, etc. Two new pieces of writing – either poetry, fiction, or creative non-fiction – are posted at The Eunoia Review every day. Readers can also check out the ever-growing contributors archive and sign up for email alerts when new work is published.

As for the poems themselves, “At A Loss” and “Writing A Memoir” are very different from the two pieces published earlier this year at Underground Voices. One is about grief, confusion, and (as implied by the title) loss; the other is more optimistic, reflective, and focused on the craft of writing.  (Proves how nerdy I am about writing, huh? *lol*)

A trivia tidbit for you: “Eunoia” is a real word! It’s derived from the Latin word εὔνοια (which means “well mind” or – surprise! – “beautiful thinking”). It’s also the shortest word in the English language to contain all five vowels.

Click on the links below to read the two published poems:

“At A Loss”

“Writing A Memoir”

Enjoy! And feel free to comment on the pieces at The Eunoia Review or here in response to this post.

~ Sara