Review of Forward Shapes’ “Legacy” at Sonic Cathedral

I like to deviate every now and then from the normal “femme metal” fare at Sonic Cathedral and cover something different that our readers might like. Forward Shapes is a good example. This project out of Orange County, California performs piano-driven progressive rock that will appeal to fans of piano rock (Tori Amos, The Fray, Coldplay), progressive rock (Rush, Anathema), or female-fronted rock with soaring melodies (Within Temptation, Evanescence).

While I found the music to be too intricate at times and the ballads unable to grab my interest, I couldn’t help but admire the musicianship and ambition of Forward Shapes’ debut album Legacy. The musical style, vocals, and lyrical subjects all contribute to the album’s spirit of hope and optimism. That’s why I called Legacy “smart,” “upbeat,” and a “decent summer record.”

Click here to read my full review of Forward Shapes’ Legacy.

Poetry news is coming later this week! Stay tuned!

~ Sara

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