New at Sonic Cathedral: Review of 69 Chambers’ “Torque”

Time for another CD review at Sonic Cathedral!

I’m starting to see a trend with up-and-coming female-fronted metal bands: Most of them are evolving their music in a heavier direction. We can now add 69 Chambers of Switzerland to that growing list. Their 2010 debut album, War On The Inside, showcased the band’s guitar-driven, pop-melodious brand of alternative metal. With their latest release Torque, 69 Chambers flirt with more dynamics and intensity. The riffs are sharper, and singer Nina Vetterli-Treml uses more grunts in addition to her sultry, delicate normal voice – all while maintaining a catchiness that keeps the music accessible. But, does this tweak in style actually work in 69 Chambers’ favor?

Click here to read my review of 69 Chambers’ Torque.

~ Sara

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