New at Sonic Cathedral: Review of A Sound Of Thunder’s “Out Of The Darkness”

Time for another review at Sonic Cathedral!

I’ll admit, I’m not a huge fan of “old school” heavy metal. That kind of metal doesn’t appeal to me as much as others do. But since I enjoyed reviewing previous albums by UK’s Triaxis and Norway’s Triosphere, I decided to check out A Sound Of Thunder’s upcoming second album Out Of The Darkness when the promo came my way. And it turns out I liked it – more than I thought I would!

Imagine a band that mixes the classic sounds of Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden with the modern prog and power metal influences of Sabaton, Hammerfall, and Everygrey, then topped off with a female singer whose charisma, rawness, and projection is like that of Russell Allen (Symphony X). For these reasons and much more, A Sound Of Thunder is one of those rare records that metalheads of all ages will enjoy. Perhaps that’s why I said in my review, “[I]f you’re willing, hop into the DeLorean – or maybe an antique Harley Davidson is more fitting here – and turn the dial to Out Of The Darkness.”

Click here to read my review of A Sound Of Thunder’s Out Of The Darkness.

Stay tuned for more article announcements! I’ve got a new interview for Sonic Cathedral (with a female-fronted band from the UK) and a new review for Suite101 (on an upcoming album from a male-fronted band, also from the UK) in the works.

~ Sara