Four Poems, Plus Avariel

Good evening!

I’ve finally posted more poems on the “My Poetry” page. (Click here to visit “My Poetry,” or click on “My Poetry” in sidebar menu.) Although these pieces may be new to some of you, they were published in an anthology almost 2 years ago. But, better late than never, right?

The four pieces are:

  • “An Unexpected Life Lesson on a Busy Street”
  • “Lifeblood”
  • “Respite”
  • “Solstice”

Hope you enjoy them! Feel free to comment on the poems by responding to this post.

Also, not sure if anyone was listening to this week’s edition of Citywide Blackout with Max Bowen on Unregular Radio… But, I was the Sara who called in during the first hour to talk to Max and his guest at that time: the Boston symphonic metal band – and my personal friends – Avariel! Fun times! And such a great opportunity for Avariel to give their music some more well-deserved exposure. If you like female-fronted symphonic metal with dashes of progressive, gothic, and death metal styles, I think you’d like this band. Check out Avariel now at Myspace, Facebook, and ReverbNation.

That’s all for now! Next time, I should have a new article online at Sonic Cathedral.

~ Sara