March Update!

Well, things have gotten busy on the personal side again.  For good reason, though!  So finally I have a few minutes to let you know what I’ve been up to with Sonic Cathedral this month.  First up: My interview with Floridian power metallers Seven Kingdoms!  I reviewed the band’s self-titled second album last month (click here for the review).  Once they found out the high mark I gave it, we quickly arranged a phone interview with guitarist Camden Cruz and singer Sabrina Valentine.  The result is extremely entertaining, and shows just how motivated and enthusiastic this band is.  Plus, the interview features exclusive live photos taken by fellow SC staff writer Robin Stryker during Seven Kingdoms’ CD release part last year!

Click here to read my interview with Seven Kingdoms.

Next is another interview, this time with Raquel Schuler and Marcelo Oliveira of the Brazilian symphonic metal band Hydria.  I had reviewed Hydria’s latest album, Poison Paradise, back in December (click here for the review), and this interview came about after the fact.  Raquel and Marcelo talked about the differences between their debut album and Poison Paradise as well as other recent projects such as their ongoing Versions project and their musical contributions to the Brazilian web-show 2012 Onda Zero.

Click here to read my interview with Hydria.

And last, but definitely not least, is an exciting first-of-its-kind article for the Zine!

You might remember that I interviewed the UK band The Mariana Hollow last year for Sonic Cathedral.  (Click here to read the interview.) Well, the band is currently finishing up work on their second album, Velvet Black Sky, and they recently asked me to listen to and write about a handful of songs from that album.  Thus, Sonic Cathedral was able to give its readers a “sneak peak” of this as-yet unreleased album.  And let me tell you, I LOVE what I’ve heard so far!

Click here to read my Sneak Peak article on The Mariana Hollow’s Velvet Black Sky.

That will probably be it for this month.  I have some CD reviews in the pipeline at the moment, including one on Within Temptation’s next album, The Unforgiving.  So stay tuned!

~ Sara