Sonic Cathedral Update Pt 1: CD Reviews

As I had stated in my “Long Time No Updates” post (see previous entry), I’ve kept busy with my writing for Sonic Cathedral.  Here are the CD reviews I’ve written since my last SC update here:

Band: Diabulus in Musica
Album Title: “Secrets”
Origin: Spain
Genre: Symphonic metal

Sure, Diabulus in Musica sounds a lot like Epica. But, once you listen to DiM’s debut album “Secrets,” you realize this band is still molding its own sound. Epica didn’t nearly sound so tight, so bold, and not nearly as freakin’ heavy on its first album as Zuberoa Aznarez and Co. do on this debut. Currently one of my favorite albums of 2010. To know all of my thoughts on “Secrets,” click here to read my review of it.

Band: Modified
Album Title: “Cruel Temptation”
Origin: Canada
Genre: Melodic hard rock

OK, so Modified is not exactly female-fronted metal. It’s a female-fronted hard rock trio from Toronto, Canada, but we at Sonic Cathedral thought this band’s debut EP “Cruel Temptation” was good enough for us to highlight in a review. The crunching guitars, powerful rhythms, and concise songwriting are all good. But, do not underestimate Tricia Stanley’s raw, sultry vocals and universal lyrics. Subtle keyboards and male background vocals creep into the mix, giving this band a unique edge over some of their more famous counterparts. Click here to read my review of Modified’s “Cruel Temptation” EP.

Band: Various Artists, via Femme Metal
Album Title: “Beauty and Brutality”
Origin: Bands features come from all over North America and Europe
Genre: All types of hard rock and metal!

Prog metal, power metal, gothic, electro, alternative, hard rock, ol’ fashioned heavy metal… You name it, Femme Metal covers it on their latest compilation album, the 2-disc “Beauty and Brutality.” This compilation will be available for purchase directly through Femme Metal in October 2010. Some of the 31 bands on this compilation include Epica, ReVamp, Kivimetsan Druidi, Dama, The Mary Major, Triaxis, Ex Libris, Virus IV… and that’s just for starters!  Click here to read my review of “Beauty and Brutality.”

Band: HolyHell
Album Title: “HolyHell”
Origin: United States
Genre: Symphonic power metal

HolyHell boasts what’s possibly the most virtuosic line-up for an American female-fronted power metal band. A classically trained singer, Manowar’s former drummer, world-renowned “shred lord” Joe Stump… On paper, it sounds like a dream. But, does the music of HolyHell stand up to these high expectations. Read my review of HolyHell’s self-titled debut album to find out.

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