Long Time No Updates…


My sincere apologies for not updating this website in a while.  I had a chaotic summer – a lot of personal things were going on that needed my attention.  I wouldn’t say that things are quieting down yet, but they’re getting there.

Despite everything, I’ve kept busy with my great-great aunt’s life story and Sonic Cathedral.  The interviewing phase of my great-great aunt’s story is done!  And within the next week or two, the first draft will be done as well.  Yay!  Then will come the editing/revision phase, the layout of photos and adding appendices, and finally the printing.  I don’t think everything will come together quickly enough for the book to be ready as a Christmas gifts to my great-great aunt’s children.  Maybe by early 2011 it will be.  😉

As for Sonic Cathedral, separate entries on those postings will be on here very shortly!

~ Sara

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