Sorry for the Recent Lack of Updates…

Hi, all

Well, as you can see, it’s been a while since I updated the site.  Not too bad, but two months is a long wait between updates.  I’ve been quite busy with creative and non-creative things.  So let me give you a brief overview of what’s been going on:

  • I am currently working hard on finishing my great-great aunt’s life story.  Life got hectic for both her and I during the holidays, and then she had a mild stroke in February.  Luckily, she’s made a great recovery.  I’m so glad she’s doing well, but it also reminded me how we never known how much time we have left with the people we know and love.  So now, finishing her life story is a priority.  I think I am close to having all of the information I need, so maybe one more sit-down conversation with her will fill all of the gaps.
  • Prioritizing my great-great aunt’s story, however, means that “Light in the Barrenlands” is currently on the back burner.  I can’t work on two big projects like this at the same time, especially since I only have a few hours every week to write at the moment.  But it’s the only way to ensure I finish working on my great-great aunt’s story before she dies.  I know, it’s horrible to think of it that way… But it’s true! *lol*
  • I’m still contributing to Sonic Cathedral.  I’ve had two CD reviews and one interview posted since the beginning of March.  See my other post from today for more info and the links.  Another interview is in the works; hope to have that squared away soon.  I also have my next two (possibly three) CD reviews lined up – and the May review will be on the biggest female-fronted rock and metal release so far this year.  Any guesses on who that may be? 😉
  • This past week, I went to my first open mic / poetry reading in over 2 years.  I was invited to attend the Open Mic Night at Curry College (my alma mater).  I read three new/recent poems that night: “Respite” (published in the Walpole Writers Group anthology More Great Writing by People You’ve Never Heard Of), “Voice,” and “The Critic and the Muse.”

Outside of my creative life, things have been nothing short of chaotic.  Work has been uberbusy, and my family and I have been traveling out-to-state one weekend a month to visit my relatives, especially my grandfather.  He is being treated for a recurrence of lung cancer, so we want to see him as much as we can while he’s fighting it.  I’ve been having fun in between it all, though.  The biggest highlight recently was seeing Lifehouse and Daughtry in Providence, Rhode Island, on March 24.  What fun!  And I have to admit… Lifehouse was the last opening act, and they almost upstaged Chris and his gang!  They were just that good!!

So that’s what’s been going on.  And looking ahead, things will still be busy for a while.  I’ll give updates on my projects when I can, that I can guarantee.  As for the book and music reviews I’ve been writing just for this site… I will have to think about some abbreviated way of reviewing them.  I’d welcome any suggestions you may have.  Just comment on this post or send me an email via my Contact Me page.

Until the next update, thank you for understand and for visiting my site!

~ Sara

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