New Friends – Er, Links!

On my Links page, you’ll find three new links to sites run by friends of mine.  Here’s some info about each site:


Delain International is a fansite/online fan community run by my fellow Sonic Cathedral writer Max Levites.  This site is dedicated to supporting the Dutch symphonic metal band Delain, whose popularity has skyrocketed since the release of its 2009 album “April Rain.”  Delain International provides news updates, links to gig reports and photos, and even a members-only section for die-hard fans.  With Delain working on album #3 already and preparing to tour North America, the U.K., and other regions for the first time, this is an excellent time to learn more about this band – and Delain International is one of the best places to do just this!

Currently Delain International is running an ongoing Q&A session with the band’s lead singer Charlotte Wessels.  So if you are a fan, don’t miss out on that!

Click here to visit Delain International. Also, be sure to check out Delain International on Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace.


Another “female metal” related site is Oceansouls of America (OSA), run by fellow Sonic Cathedral writer C.  OSA is the North American fan club of the Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish.  You’ll find news, concert photos, a complete recap of Nightwish’s exciting history, a forum, and much more!

Nightwish is currently focusing on songwriting for their next album and giving singer Anette Olzon time to enjoy her newly announced pregnancy.  Between album and baby updates, as well as the potential release of the song “The Heart Asks Pleasure First,” OSA is a good place to catch up on the band’s past, present, and future.

Click here to visit Oceansouls of America.

Finally, for anyone who is more of an alternative/rock/indie music fan, there is The Music Box.  This blog, run by one of my friends from college, features weekly CD reviews as well as occasional interviews, videos, and essays on the music industry.

Currently the Music Box is taking requests for future CD reviews.  So if you think there’s an album out there that the webmaster might like, let him know!

Click here to visit the Music Box.

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