Field Trip: Harry Potter – The Exhibition!

I went to this exhibit a while ago and had an absolute ball! Then again, I love the Harry Potter books and films… So of course someone like me would enjoy it. 😀

“Harry Potter: The Exhibition” is a must-see for HP fans of all ages.  This traveling exhibit is similar to the “Lord of the Rings” exhibit from a few years ago.  There are props, costumes, and models of magical creatures from all six films that have been released so far.  Fans will see replicas of some of the most memorable HP locations, from the Great Hall and the boys’ bedroom at Hogwarts, to Hagrid’s hut and the Forbidden Forest.

I don’t want to give everything away, but here are a couple highlights:
  • Kids can volunteer to wear the Sorting Hat and learn which house in Hogwarts it places them.
  • You can pulling up shrieking Mandrakes in a replica of the Herbology classroom.
  • You’ll see all of the robes/costumes worn by the Hogwarts professors, including all of the Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers.  The clothes look great on camera, but up close they’re so beautiful.  The amount of detail that went into each piece of clothing is just incredible.
  • My favorite part of the exhibit was probably the Great Hall.  It feathred lots of Yule Ball “food,” dresses, androbes featured in “Goblet of Fire” (Book/movie #4); the Weasley twins’ joke candy and contraptions; a model of Fawkes, Dumbledore’s phoenix; and those impressive gold doors at the entryway.
  • You can do an “audio tour” for a few extra dollars.  Using a cellphone-like device, you can get some extra “behind-the-scenes” tidbits on the characters and some of the more famous props, costumes, and scenes.  These tidbits come directly from the people who know best: The costume, makeup, set design, and special effects crew of the Harry Potter films.
  • The gift shop at the end is wonderful!  I bought a t-shirt and an exhibit companion book as souvenirs, but they had lots more there: DVDs, flags from each Hogwarts house, wands, chess and checker boards, …
Going to “Harry Potter: The Exhibition” was an absolute joy.  I recalled parts of each story as I walked through – proving to my friend that I know a lot about the Harry Potter series!  Anyone who’s seen the movies and read the books should definitely go.  Even the kids will like it – there were quite a few there when I went, and they were all in awe.
The exhibit will be at the Boston Museum of Science through February 21st, then at the Ontario Science Center in Toronto from April 9 through August 2010.  Visit the Exhibition website for more information, including how to purchase tickets:

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