CD Review: Within Temptation – “An Acoustic Night at the Theatre”

Just in time for the holidays – a brand new CD review at Sonic Cathedral!

I was going to get this album anyhow, since I’m a huge Within Temptation fan. This turned out to be a pretty good release. Not the over-the-top orchestral awesomeness that is “Black Symphony” (their 2008 live DVD/CD), but you can’t really compare these two releases. This new CD is more relaxed and intimate. It should be, since it’s an acoustic album. 😉

Quick Facts

Artist: Within Temptation

Album: “An Acoustic Night at the Theatre”

Location: The Netherlands

Sound/subgenre: The widely popular symphonic metal band performs a handful of songs in a live acoustic setting.

Label: GUN Records in the Benelux, Roadrunner Records elsewhere

Available for U.S. Purchase on iTunes or at Roadrunner Records’ online store (click here)

“An Acoustic Night at the Theatre” was recorded in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, during Within Temptation’s Theatre Tour in November 2008. This tour was not a typical Within Temptation tour. Instead of the usual electric guitar / metal arrangements, the band performed acoustic versions of several of their songs, accompanied by the Red Limo String Quartet. The result is quite satisfying. Listeners become acquainted with the band’s gentler side, which is just as enjoyable as the heavy theatrics we are used to hearing from Sharon den Adel and company. The band performed some of their hit singles, including “Stand My Ground” and “What Have You Done,” as well as a few surprises.  “Acoustic Night” also features the beautiful ballad “Utopia,” a duet with British singer Chris Jones.

Click here to read my review of “Acoustic Night.”

Also, visit Within Temptation’s Myspace page (click here) to listen to “Acoustic Night” in its entirety.

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