New Artwork Added to the Site

Good evening!

You may have noticed on the “Credits” page that the second half of the page covers original artwork.  That’s because, thanks to a talented college friend, some pages on this website are now a little more colorful than they were before.  The “My Poetry” and “Light in the Barrenlands” pages now feature original computer graphic artwork by Megan Aufrecht.  She is one of mybest friends from college (and roommate for two straight years), and was a Graphic Design major.  I’ve always admired artists and their ability to use shapes and color in different ways.  (The best I can do is stick figures; even tracing’s a challenge for me!)  And rather than using Clip Art or other frequently used images from across the Internet, I thought I would add a special touch to my site by allowing someone to share their artwork here.

So please join me in thanking Megan for her contributions to this site!  *applauds*

More pages on this site might feature Megan’s artwork in the near future, so keep your eyes open.  😉

~ Sara

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