Website Completed!

Finally!  All of the “static” pages on my website are now up and running! 

Here are the new pages, as well as the pages I’ve updated today:

  1. Credits: Short and simple.  A reminder that all creative works posted on this website are mine and mine alone.  Also, notice the “unfinished” section on website artwork.  More on that at a later date…
  2. Contact Me: A “type and submit” form where you send me any questions about my work, suggestions for the website or future CD reviews, etc.  Also, if you are a member of a female-fronted metal band and are looking for someone to review your latest album, visit “Contact Me” to submit a query.
  3. Guestbook: I’ve switched my guestbook provider from Slide (which reveals your geographic location and you need to me a Slide member to comment on it) to SmartGB.  This new guestbook should be easier for you to use and allows you to put only the information you want to include in your entry.  I know I feel more comfortable having this guestbook – maybe you will, too.
  4. Links: Removed some of the links on this page.  I had waaaaaaaaaaayyyyy too many.

Now… Let’s throw a “website finished” party!

Hopefully this means I’ll have a little more time for blogging and posting the most interesting stuff. As always, feel free to click around my site, and let me know what you think!

~ Sara

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