“Links” Page Now Added to the Site!

Yes! Now the “Links” page has been added to my website!

The “Links” page provides a wide variety of links pertaining to:

  • Where else you can find me on the Internet (LastFM and, soon, a Facebook fan page)
  • Pages related to projects I am working on or groups I’m involved with
  • Website and Myspace links to my favorite artists (including those I’ve reviewed for Sonic Cathedral) and favorite authors
  • Websites and blogs run by personal friends of mine
  • Other websites of interest

This sucker of a page took me almost three hours to build tonight.  Yup – three hours!  But considering how comprehensive it is, maybe it’s not much of a surprise.  *lol*

Visit the “Links” page by clicking “Links” in the Pages block on this site’s sidebar (on the right side of the page).

Have fun clicking around!  😉

~ Sara

Note: The “Links” page should not be confused with the “Recommended Link” block in my sidebar.  “Recommended Links” lists the most relevant links to my work, and the full “Links” page has, well, a lot more than that.

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