New CD Review: “Dejafuse” – Dejafuse

Yes, it’s “New CD Review” time!  This month’s review features Dejafuse, a relatively new band from the Netherlands that’s fronted by former Autumn vocalist Nienke de Jong.  As soon as I heard about Dejafuse’s album being released, I just had to get my hands on it.  And it didn’t disappoint!

Quick FactsDejafuse album cover

Band: Dejafuse

Album: “Dejafuse”

Location: The Netherlands

Sound/subgenre: Alternative rock

Label: Reference Records

Available for U.S. Purchase on iTunes or through

Dejafuse is more of a rock band than metal, but because of the “Nienke de Jong” factor, I knew a lot of people would be interested in reading about this band and their music.

Raw, straightforward rock music that’s full of energy and rhythm, from the drums and guitars right down to the lyrics.  If you’re looking for something fun and fresh to listen to, and rock (not metal) is your thing, definitely check this album out.  ; )

Click here to read my review.

Be sure to visit Dejafuse’s Myspace page, too.  You can listen to clips from three of their songs: “Right Here,” “Wake,” and “State of Being.”

I won’t have any reviews in October, since the Sonic Cathedral staff is on vacation in Europe.  When the next one is up in November, I’ll post about it here, of course.

~ Sara

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