New CD Review: “Heretic Rapture” – Witchbreed

Yes, it’s time for a new review.  🙂  I’d heard about this band last year, when their demo of “Brotherhood of Fang & Claw” was included on the Sonic Cathedral compilation “A World of Sirens.”  So I had been waiting to get my hands on their debut album… and boy, was it worth the wait!

Quick Facts

Band: WitchbreedWitchbreed Heretic Rapture cover

Album: “Heretic Rapture”

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Sound/subgenre: Progressive black metal with gothic influences and powerful female vocals

Label: Ascendance Records

Definitely one of the heaviest albums I’ve ever bought and reviewed, but boy was it worth it.   And Ruby Roque has one of the strongest voices out there.

The best way to describe this album?  Well, as I said in my review, “It’s not just some force to be reckoned with.  In truth, it’s an absolutely wicked reckoning.”

Click here to read my review.

Also check out Witchbreed’s Myspace page to listen to four songs from their debut album.  I highly recommend “Thy Eclipse” and “Rebel Blood.”

~ Sara

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