New CD Review: “Heretic Rapture” – Witchbreed

Yes, it’s time for a new review.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚ย  I’d heard about this band last year, when their demo of “Brotherhood of Fang & Claw” was included on the Sonic Cathedral compilation “A World of Sirens.”ย  So I had been waiting to get my hands on their debut album… and boy, was it worth the wait!

Quick Facts

Band: WitchbreedWitchbreed Heretic Rapture cover

Album: “Heretic Rapture”

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Sound/subgenre: Progressive black metal with gothic influences and powerful female vocals

Label: Ascendance Records

Definitely one of the heaviest albums I’ve ever bought and reviewed, but boy was it worth it.ย ย  And Ruby Roque has one of the strongest voices out there.

The best way to describe this album?ย  Well, as I said in my review, “Itโ€™s not just some force to be reckoned with.ย  In truth, itโ€™s an absolutely wicked reckoning.”

Click here to read my review.

Also check out Witchbreed’s Myspace page to listen to four songs from their debut album.ย  I highly recommend “Thy Eclipse” and “Rebel Blood.”

~ Sara

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